An urgent transition towards more just and sustainable urban and peri-urban food systems is required. Many foodsharing initiatives (FSIs) already provide a positive contribution towards this transition yet their activities are often hampered by complex, fragmented food governance, uncertain finance and insecure tenure.

CULTIVATE is an EU-funded project aiming to increase awareness and knowledge of FSIs, understand what drives or hampers their practice, and foster sustainability, inclusion, and resilience in urban and peri-urban food systems through food sharing.

CULTIVATE will develop the Food Sharing Compass, a social innovation support platform for FSIs, policy makers, food supply actors, researchers, and citizens. With its five tools, the Compass helps these stakeholders navigate food sharing landscapes and cultures to understand, develop, replicate, scale out and strengthen food sharing and create more sustainable, resilient, and healthy urban and peri-urban food systems. CULTIVATE supports the EU’s inclusive climate mitigation and adaptation ambitions.