Dublin City Council developed the Eat the Streets! Festival to engage citizens in sustainable food. This annual event brings schools, farmers, urban growers and neighbourhoods together to celebrate Dublin’s food in all its glory. It’s all about growing the food, cooking, creating together, helping to dig up the city’s rich food heritage. What we eat defines so much about us as people, our culture, our history, it helps create connections and nourishment and it shapes the cities we live in. Dublin City Council is also working on implementing a food strategy for the city that sprouted from Eat the Streets. Edible Dublin aims to support the nurturing of a resilient and just food system in the city that benefits Ireland as a whole.

Award winning charity and social enterprise FoodCloud tackles food waste and food security by redistributing surplus food from the food industry to a network of charity and community partners via its tech platform, Foodiverse (in Ireland, the UK, Czech Republic and Slovakia), and also through its hubs around Ireland. During the pandemic, it managed to double the amount of food redistributed to over 650 charities and community groups across Ireland. They are a member of the EU food loss and waste platform.

Contact persons: Angela Ruttledge, FoodCloud; Sabrina Dekker, Dublin City Council

Emails: angela@foodcloud.ie; climateaction@dublincity.ie