FOOD SHARING STORIES #9 – Approaching Stakeholders

Watch the ninth webinar from the Food Sharing Stories series on "Approaching Stakeholders"

Food Sharing Initiatives operate within a complex web of interactions, necessitating communication in multiple directions. Firstly, they engage with production and post-production stakeholders involved in activities such as food collection, redistribution, purchasing, and gleaning. This includes farmers, retailers, and representatives from the food industry.

Secondly, FSIs interact with consumers, regardless of whether they are paying customers or beneficiaries of the shared food offerings. Notably, they approach consumers not only as individuals but also as citizens, aiming to include, educate, support, and foster community cohesion. Thus, FSIs adopt a multifaceted approach to engage with various stakeholders, considering their diverse needs and roles within the food sharing ecosystem. In this webinar, we aim to explore these different approaches and their implications for the stakeholders involved.

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Photo credit: Espigoladors