Espigoladors leads successful 3rd Gleaning Marathon

Transforming leftovers into lifelines: over 8,730 kg of produce rescued, highlighting the environmental and social impact of food recovery

Barcelona’s pioneering non-profit, Espigoladors Foundation, continues to champion food sustainability and inclusivity as a transformative force. This organization, an active partner of the CULTIVATE project, is once again reshaping the narrative around food sharing practices.

Originating from the age-old practice of ‘gleaning‘, Espigoladors draws inspiration from this core activity which drives their mission forward. Gleaning involves the collaboration of volunteers and local producers to harvest fruits and vegetables otherwise discarded from the market – be it due to excess production, market fluctuations, or mere aesthetic imperfections. Every piece of produce salvaged through this practice finds its way to charitable organizations and food distribution hubs, ensuring nutritious meals reach those in the most vulnerable situations.

On the 8th of October, Espigoladors run its third annual #joespigolo Gleaning Marathon, mobilizing for the hole morning. This impressive event spanned several regions within Catalonia, such as Parc Agrari del Baix Llobregat, Vallès, Espai Agrari de la Baixa Tordera, Terres de Lleida, and Camp de Tarragona. Through these simultaneous activities, they sought to enlighten the broader public about the essence and significance of food recovery.

Espigoladors gathered a group of 148 volunteers who collected a staggering 8,730 kg of produce, including abundant tomatoes, cucumbers, and pumpkins. These fruits and vegetables, often overlooked due to aesthetic nuances or economic reasons, found a renewed purpose. The food was later generously distributed to organizations committed to feeding those in need within the region.

The Espigoladors’ efforts extend beyond immediate food recovery. Through their recent event, they saved approximately 5.6 million liters of water and offset a potential emission of over 4,000 kg of CO2. Their goal? To spotlight the profound environmental implications of food wastage and underscore the precious resources dedicated to food production.

CULTIVATE, in collaboration with organizations like Espigoladors, is determined to amplify the voice of sustainable food sharing initiatives across Europe.

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Photo Credit: Espigoladors