FOOD SHARING STORIES #2 – Multifunctionality

Watch the second webinar from the Food Sharing Stories series "Multifunctionality"

This webinar aims to understand what different forms of Food Saving and Sharing are out there and how we can combine them with each other. Specifically, the focus has been on a practical approach on integrating learning, co-creation, technical solutions and sharing. FSIs can be multifunctional by combining efforts of education with for profit production or dealing with logistics on the one hand, as well as advocacy work on the other.

These have been the main reflections: how can we practically combine different forms of sharing and saving food, but also knowledge, culture and empowerment? What and how do we provide services for different groups? Do different ways of sharing and saving food stimulate each other or do they create barriers within FSIs?

Read the webinar take-aways here!


Photo Credit: Espigoladors