New Food Metaphors

A food sharing co-creation game organised for the 7th Food Autonomy Festival in Utrecht

The CULTIVATE team from Wageningen University and Research (WU) invites you to think on “What are the ingredients and flavors of food sharing in an autonomous food system?”. To get your mental juices flowing the WU team will take existing food-sharing concepts and cook up metaphors and narratives for a future of food autonomy. It’s going to be all fun and (serious) games!

They will work with food-sharing concepts and combine them with game elements from the New Metaphors Game, designed by Imaginaries Lab. The aim is to come together, debate, and co-create new narratives around food sharing. By the end of the 90 minutes session, the outcome will be a grand collective mind-map that captures visions and narratives.

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Photo credit: CULTIVATE project