Watch the eleventh and last webinar from the Food Sharing Stories series on "Communicating with Audiences"

In this last webinar from the “Food Sharing Stories” series, we looked into scaling up in different dimensions:
Quantity: how can we share, educate, reach out, redistribute more food?
Geographically: how can we replicate our efforts in other regions?
Qualitative: how can we stick to our ideals when we grow?

A special thanks to all the “Cultivators” who make this beautiful journey possible, starting from ICLEI who organized and moderate all the webinars, to all the Food Sharing Initiatives who mutually shared their expertise, learning and growing together.

Remember to keep an eye on the CULTIVATE news, our seeds have just started to sprout!

Read the webinar Take-aways here!

Photo credit: Brighton & Hove Food Partnership